Friday, June 13, 2008

Rebels in Moudeina and Ade

The Chadian government said "mercenaries paid by Sudan" had entered Chad's territory. Two Russian-made Mi-35 Hind attack helicopters and a larger, armed Mi-17 transport helicopter had set off from Abeche, the main city in the east of Chad, to target rebels in the area of Moudeina and Ade. Chad has a total of six helicopters, flown by Algerians and Ukrainians. Three were dispatched to Abeche in early April; the others are believed to be in Ndjamena. Upon returning to Abeche, one of the helicopters made "a hard and forced landing" at the airport, about 500 metres (yards) from a camp where a European Union force charged with protecting Darfur refugees is situated. Irish members of an EU protection force in eastern Chad said a helicopter had made a crash landing after being damaged by anti-aircraft fire. here

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